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Royce Garcia

Creative Director

A challenger who knows no limits in learning and creativity, Royce is as distinct as her name implies. When the world falls asleep, her mind lays awake to create. For her “The greatest gift to existence is giving it all to surrender in wonders and uncover impossibilities.”

A unique encounter with one of TWC's founders during her time in Canada has led Royce to partake in driving stories for TWC’s music and its artists. Armed with a heart to tell tales, a game changing will and a warrior-like persistency to make ideas come alive, she takes her soulful visuals to inspire and impact the world.


Zaire Ink


Zaire Ink is an emerging hip hop artist and Co-founder of TWC, with deep roots in spoken word. He first got his start performing at local open mics and quickly went on to become a nationally recognized spoken word artist. Since that time, he discovered his old soul and velvet voice over smooth storytelling instrumentals more fully capture the essence of  his charm. 

His passion for crafting witty lyrics with an intriguing flair, while exploring topics such as masculinity, street survival, youth struggles and relationships, have made him a definitive act to watch moving forward. Known for his transparency and genuine forwardness, Zaire believes very firmly that the truth can change the way we speak about our narratives; turning our messes into our messages and our tests into our testimonies. 


After leaving university prematurely in the fall of 2015, watching his parents separate in 2016 and jumping out of a car in that same year, Zaire saw firsthand how quickly life could unravel.  From that point on he resolved to give his all to create transformative art for those earnestly in search of truth, knowledge and wisdom, in a time when people are encouraged to enjoy passing pleasures rather than pursue eternal treasures. 

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Afuhmbom is an Afro-soul, RnB, Pop Singer/songwriter, Producer and Co-founder of TWC, with a heart for reaching hurting people all over the world through music.


Having grown up in Cameroon and Canada, Afuhmbom fuses his musical influences and experiences from both cultures, to create a unique sound for his listeners, filled with love, joy, faith and peace, aimed for your ears, but targeted towards your heart.

Prior to Two World Creatives, Afuhmbom was part of "Cielo," a Cameroon-based hip-hop/RnB/Soul team of Five. It was during this time, that he first fell in love with Songwriting and Producing. Co-Songwriting credits to his name during his time with "Cielo" include "Forever," "Winner" and "Redemption Song," all of which were on radio rotation, across the North West and SouthWest regions of Cameroon. 


Afuhmbom credits: Lecrae, Mali Music, Daley, Kanye West, Christon Gray, Justin Timberlake, Andy Mineo and Trip Lee as some of his favourite musical influences.

When not creating music, you can find Afuhmbom in a coffee shop, taking lifestyle photo's, watching a movie, or hanging out with friends and family.


This could be you!


Two World Creatives is always looking for talented producers, sound engineers, etc. We love connecting with other creatives. Don't hesitate to reach out, with a sample of your work.

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